About Us

Our Vision

To become the go-to logistics service provider in Africa

Our Mission

Teleios Logistics will revolutionize the transportation of goods for routes within the country regions of its operation becoming the partner of choice in operating perfectly, efficiently and reliably. Teleios Logistics will use best practice management of logistics, on-time, accurate deliveries from destination to destination in the entire area of operations, efficient document processing, latest technology and partnerships with key value chain businesses to achieve its goals.

About Us

Teleios logistics Pty Ltd started off as a division of Medlive Marketing South Africa and Zimbabwe tasked with the responsibility of handling logistics for the import and export of medical, laboratory, mining equipment and supplies. The division has now been weaned off the holding company to enhance its capabilities, broaden client base and develop the logistic solution core competencies outside of the holding company. This new entity brings with it vast experience in transportation, import and export and customs clearance of goods.

The business will seek to strength its capabilities and offering through developing a reputation for its ontime and accurate service hinged on deployment of the best available technologies and processes in quest not only to meet but exceed customer business needs. The business is named Teleios Logistics with Teleios being a Greek word that means perfection, completion, finished and wanting nothing to completion. This is the kind of value that the business will add to its clientele, a service that is perfect, complete and requires nothing added.

Collaborations and partnerships will be key for Teleios Logistics to offer holistic and complete service to the clientele with diverse requirements and from different geographical locations. The business will firstly take advantage of existing network of clearing agents, trucking and freight companies within Sub-Saharan Africa and then expand further into other regions. The main services are road freight, airfreight, sea freight, long and short distance transportation including cross border and import and export services.